We are Mezcal People

Our mezcals are cultural treasures that preserve the flavour of the Mexican Pueblo

We are Mezcal People

We work with the perspective of the mezcal producing communities at the fore.

Our mezcals represent ancestral knowledge embodied in small lots that respect local scale production, and highlight the variety and particular flavour of each crop.


We host one of the top Airbnb Experiences in Mexico City.

To book your place, visit our Mezcal Tasting Experience page. ¡Salud!


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1 week ago
Degustación @ Spirit Hunter, Brighton, UK - Gente de Mezcal

Gente de Mezcal en UK, los esperamos. #wearemezcalpeople

El próximo jueves 24 de enero nuestra embajadora en Reino Unido realizará una deliciosa degustación con nuestros mezcales más emblemáticos. Déjate atrapar por los aromas florales de nuestro ... See more

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Tasting @ Spirit Hunter, Brighton, UK
Tasting @ Spirit Hunter, Brighton, UK

Next Thursday 24th of January, our ambassador in the United Kingdom will host an intimate tasting with our most emblematic…

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