We are Mezcal People

We work with the perspective of the mezcal producing communities at the fore.  Our mezcals represent ancestral knowledge embodied in small lots that respect local scale production, and highlight the variety and particular flavour of each crop.

Our Philosophy

Economy on a human scale.  This underlying principle allows us to highlight the value of origin, to preserve the wisdom of the producers and to respond to the interests of the mezcal communities.

Our Perspective

The Maestros are guardians of historic taste and the essence of the mezcal ritual; they provide the true value of mezcal: Identity.  Thanks to our ongoing commitment to the observation of, and immersion in, the cultural practices of mezcal producing communities, we’ve been able to connect with the best of the mezcal maestros.

El Salon

We’re located at 94 Calle Versalles in the Colonia Juárez in Mexico City. There you’ll find a space dedicated to mezcal culture through a range of activities:

  • Tailor-made brand experiences (personalised sales).
  • Group tastings.
  • Cineclub.

Schedule a visit, on your own or with friends, to get personal advice on buying mezcal. Come and relax while we provide sensory pleasure for your eyes, ears, heart, brain, nose and most importantly, your tastebuds!