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    Amazon’s Nightcap

    On the nose this is light, floral, perfumed but the flavours are lively and flirt between a sweet refreshing thyme joy and a soft bitterness. Pepper is left to crackle in a slightly hoppy aftermath. Newly dried bird’s beak chillies carry strength throughout this Tepeztate.
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    Greeting the Diminishing Storm

    Sip and wait for the flavours to burst one by one. A beautiful blend of Coyote, Espadín, Barril, Mexicano and Sierra Negra, each one clamours for attention. Anise, menthol, syrupy, thick, cooling, and later warming, as its full embrace and communion wraps you up in its contradictions.
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    Old Family’s Seasoned Stew Pot

    Smells like a humid jungle after the rain. This wildest of agaves from a fifth generation master comes on strong with herbal tones and a deep lasting flavour like a simmering home cooked beef broth, lightened up by a touch of rosemary.